25 Of The Best German Shepherd Halloween Costumes Of 2020

We all know German Shepherds are adorable, but what could possibly be cuter than a German Shepherd? A German Shepherd dressed up for Halloween of course! Whether these furry family members are dressed as a favorite character, silly food, or scary monster, they look better than any of us ever will in their awesome Halloween costumes. There were so many good ones, we couldn’t fit them all, so here are 25 of the best German Shepherd Halloween costumes of 2020!

1. Supergirl (IG:isleofwhitesheps)
2. Best UPS delivery guy ever! (IG:jessithepuppi)
3. Batman, Robin, & The Joker (IG:paws_for_a_pic)
4. The Lion King (IG:haas_gsd)
5. Velociraptor roooaaar! (IG:koshytheshep)
6. Batman (IG:_gsdbear)
7. How do you like my mane? (IG:a_flock_of_wild_pups)
8. Did someone call the pawlice? (IG:jugheadthelughead)
9. Little jailbird (IG:zazu_thepuppy)
10. I'm a shark! (IG:its.benjiboii)
11. Joe Exotic (IG:gustavthegsd)
12. Lumberjack (IG:jessithepuppi)
13. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits. (IG:aksel_the_gsd)
14. Arrggg matey! (IG:jaxxonthegsd)
15. Spiderman (IG:millie_theshilohshepherd)
16. Spooky! (IG:huskiesofpnw)
17. Willow the witch! (IG:willowandmason.gsd)
18. Robin (IG:king_zeus_gsd)
19. Ready to play ball! (IG:kz_shepherds)
20. Clark Kent/Superman (IG:k9hodge)
21. GRRRR (IG:niko_a_gsd)
22. Boo! (IG:automatic.uzi)
23. May the force be with you. (IG:drogo.and.ronin.gsd.bros)
24. Wonder woman (IG:maui.the.german.shepherd)
25. Ghost! (IG:jasperandzion)