How Often Do I Need To Give My Dog a Bath?

How Often Do I Need To Give My Dog a Bath?

Trying to determine when to give your dog a bath can be a real problem, especially if your dog has special bathing needs. The simple answer to this is: as often as you like, as long as your dog doesn’t have a skin problem or need special bathing care.

However, there are some guidelines as to when it might be time to give your dog a bath. Here are a few examples: 


1. Your dog is too smelly for your own liking. 

Dogs don’t tend to care if they smell, but one good reason to give your dog a bath is if you think they smell too bad for your own comfort.


2. Your dog is truly dirty. 

Some dogs like to play in the dirt a lot more than others. If your dog is one of those that likes to dig, play in the dirt, or just roll around on the ground all day, then your dog will probably need baths more often than those who tend to not play in the dirt so much.


3.Your dog seems to have gotten into something. 

This can be whether your dog has gotten into something dead in the yard, something gross at the park, or even if your child has decided marker and baby powder are a great look for your dog.


4. Fleas or ticks.

This one is especially important. Dogs must not be allowed to keep fleas or ticks on their bodies. These should be immediately disposed of with a heavy-duty flea and tick shampoo and should be followed up by a remedy to keep the pests away.


These are just a few reasons you might want to give your dog a bath. It is recommended that you not give your dog a bath every day, as it can irritate the skin of some dogs, but for the most part you can give your dog a bath whenever you wish, or whenever you think it is necessary. Just like people, some dogs get stinky faster than others, so just use your best judgment.

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