How To Handle Dogs Who Get Overly Excited About Guests

How To Handle Dogs Who Get Overly Excited About Guests

Why Does Your Dog Get So Excited? 

While most of the time the dog in question is simply excited to see new people, there are a few other reasons that may explain why your dog seems to be overly excited about house guests.

One reason is to get attention. If your dog is jumping on people, he/she may be looking to get attention from your guests. Your dog may also be telling your guests that she is the boss, and if she is getting away with jumping on people, then she is exactly that. 


How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping? 

Stopping a dog from jumping and getting easily excited around guests isn’t as hard as one would imagine. The biggest obstacle is making sure everyone, including guests, are willing to abide by the rules you have set for your dog.

Take charge, show your dog that you’re the boss, and teach them how you want them to act around visitors.  The first step is explaining to visitors before they walk through the door.

Have a container of treats outside for your visitors to bring in the house with them. Have your visitors completely ignore your dog until he/she stops jumping/barking. Once your dog sits down and calms down, have your visitor give him/her the treat right at that moment.

This way your dog will associate sitting calmly with getting a treat, and they will associate acting like a child with a sugar-coma, with being ignored.

If your dog is overly excited when you get home, do the exact same thing. If this doesn’t work, start correcting your dog’s behavior before visitors even step foot in the door.

Have your dog sit quietly by the door while you allow a visitor into your home. If your dog leaves their sitting position, immediately close the door and start over.

Once your visitor is in, continue correcting their behavior until they are sitting with a visitor in the room. Give them a treat when appropriate behavior is being exhibited. 

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