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    HERM SPRENGER - Black Stainless Steel Prong Dog Training Collar

    By Herm Sprenger

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Night & Day!

    We don't own a GSD, but we own a naughty beagle. He pulled so hard he'd sound as if he had asthma. He would smell something or see a squirrel and go crazy pulling me off balance and he is really strong for a little dog. He also would lunge at dogs and start to bark and occasionally growl. I think all of my neighbors and their dogs were sick of me NOT controlling my own dog's behavior. This collar did the trick. I just put it on him today and it was a complete 180 in behavior. He stayed by my side and didn't even feel like leaving me. I was shocked. I never had to yank the leash (a few slight taps to communicate what I wanted). It's a miracle! I had so much fun with him instead of dreading an encounter with neighbors and dogs. This makes walking the dog a pleasure vs a chore! Aslo the customer service here is wonderful! Thank you Michelle!!

    Alicia A. Mallaney
    Great collar

    This training collar has made it 150% easier to walk our dog who pulls constantly. Love this collar and leash.

    Nancy Bertsch

    Easy to use; excellent quality and responsiveness

    Jonathan Anderson
    Great !

    After using this Herm Sprenger 3 times our walks are much more enjoyable for both of us

    Anastasia Wild
    Great price and fast delivery

    I mainly use black SS herm sprenger and this size (3.2) was either out of stock in many places for a while or, if they had it, had a price tag of $70+. This was my first time ordering from GSS but delivery was fast, collar is a real HS and I will be back for other items!