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    HERM SPRENGER - Chrome ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar with Center-Plate and Assembly Chain - Comfort Version w/ Swivel

    By Herm Sprenger

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Eagle Alldredge
    Sprenger collar

    It works great but the sizing is off. I read I needed an extra link for the 20” collar to fit my dogs 21”neck. Not so. The collar was too big with the extra link but cost me an extra 10 bucks or whatever it was.

    Joanna Turteltaub
    Sprenger Training Collar

    Very high quality. This is exactly what is needed to train my very energetic Golden Retriever.

    Mark Pomeranz
    Additional prong link

    Item as described, arrived well padded, fits perfectly.
    Satisfied customer.

    Robert Quinn
    Was very wary of Prong Collars - Won Over Now

    We have a rescued 50 lbs. female German Shepherd/Shebu mix. Apparently non-socialized and prone to over excitement. She's estimated about 3 years. From day 1 we were dragged down the street on every walk. I learned about prong collars from another shepherd owner..her dog was huge. On first look I thought "this is a torture device". I knew it would stop bad behavior but at what price? I went for some intermediary items first. Various harnesses etc. Nothing worked. I finally watched a bunch of videos on training and came to understand that it's a disservice to these dogs not attempt a prong collar. To many are jettisoned by owners who can't handle these dogs. First time with the prong collar, her world changed. Now she's a great walking partner. Just minor tugs and directions and she's much better behaved. She's not a fully trained girl yet, but at least now she can be controlled to the point that training can begin. Prior she was mayhem. So Thank you to the German Shepherd Shop for sending this life saver. You guys helped over the phone with proper sizing, and the collar arrived quickly. It works!

    Matthew Klein
    Germ Sprenger Training collar

    Fantastic collar, decent pricing, relatively quick shipping. Overall happy. Would have had significant difficulty getting the collar I wanted from numerous other locations.